Green Country Arabian Horse Association is an active club meeting the needs of its members for over 25 years. GCAHA sponsors four shows per year and a competitive trail events as well as social events.


GCAHA is located in Northeast Oklahoma and is affiliated with the Arabian Horse Association. We are open to ALL breeds and provide many functions for you to enjoy your horse.

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The Beginning

History of the Green Country Arabian Horse Association
A small dedicated group of Arabian Horse enthusiasts decided it was time to start an Arabian horse club in Northeast Oklahoma and in March, 1983 Green Country Arabian Horse Association had been formed. The purpose of the club was the promotion of the Arabian and half-Arabian breeds through local participation in fun shows, trail rides and clinics.

First Events
The first Fun show was held July 1983 ,followed by Training Clinics in August and November with a trail ride in October. The first Christmas party was Dec 9, 1983 and as a late Christmas present, on Dec. 29, 1983 GCAHA received their Federal exempt stamp. Membership grew and so did the events, meetings and fun. Over the years, fun shows, trail rides, assistance with the Tulsa State Fair Arabian Horse Division A Class Show and a competitive trail ride at John Zink Ranch were held, either sponsored or worked by GCAHA members.

First Class ‘A’ Horse Show
In 1993, GCAHA held its first Class A show, The GCAHA Autumn Classic in November, and even with some bad weather it was a huge success, bringing in exhibitors from a five state area. Since moving the show to the spring (now the Green Country Arabian Classic), the show has been held every year since 1995 at the Tulsa Expo Center, still bringing in exhibitors from a five state area.
Start of the Stallion Service Auction Futurity
Then in 1996, GCAHA started the Stallion Service Auction Futurity. The inaugural auction was live with several stallions in attendance, wine, cheese and other treats. It was a great success and still continues to this day to draw close to $15,000 payouts at the Tulsa State Fair Show each year. The GCAHA auction is one of the most successful service auctions for Arabians and Half-Arabians in the southern Midwest region.

Leaping onto the National Stage
In 1997, GCAHA became an IAHA, International Arabian Horse Association, (now Arabian Horse Association) affiliate club. In the summer of 2006, the Tulsa Expo Center invited GCAHA and Oklahoma Arabian Horse Club representatives to a luncheon with AHA Officials. Thus began the process of obtaining the Arabian Horse Nationals event for the Tulsa facility. which has been a boon for not only Oklahoma Arabian horse owners, but the Tulsa area as well. GCAHA is still key in assisting with the National show.

Present Mission
Today GCAHA is a very active club exceeding one hundred twenty members, with a great reputation for its member’s support of Arabians and Half-Arabians. Green Country also encourages new horse owners and youth. Each year a scholarship is presented to a third year OSU Equine Veterinarian student, in addition to educational programs hosted by youth at Arabian Horse Nationals as well as a volunteer program that assists youth in paying their class fees in return for helping with local clinic’s and horse shows. Our Stallion Service Auction encourages local breeders to continue returning to show at the Tulsa State Fair in order to win prize money offered in weanling futurity classes. The Tulsa State Fair show and the Green County Classic Arabian show are two of the best-attended shows in the region, and GCAHA is working hard to ensure their continued growth.
We have a great Website available (www.gcaha.org) that anyone can access for information as well as monthly meetings and events. Come join us!


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